Finishing your paper versus hooking up with a friend at the party is a contentious choice to make. You may be a prompt student, but due to some social activity, you find yourself caught up within a constricted timeline. If the time is not on your side, but you still need to do a paper, the following tips will help you complete it speedily:

  1. Pick A Topic

If your supervisor has provided the heading, you are lucky. If not, it means you have to choose a topic within a limited time. The tip is to choose a topic you understand. If you select a technical one, chances are, you will take too much time conceptualizing it. If you do not know where to find a doable topic, go through your course, and pinpoint the sections you understand the most. Then, base it on these sections.

  • Research 

You need to write a paper fast. However, maintain the quality. To do this, research adequately. The difference may be the number of research sources you reach out for, but the integrity needs to remain. Choose a few books and online tools from which you want to do your research. Go through them carefully, and note down the information you find. After you have finished, assemble the data from different sources, and gauge if you have enough details. If yes, you are good to go.

  • Create An Outline 

Creating an outline will help you write the paper faster. You have already researched and assembled all the information. Now sit down and create the outline, in line with the course guidelines. Doing this will identify any loophole before late. In case you doubt the structure, ensure you consult with your supervisor at this early stage. 

  • Seek Writing Services 

Maybe you have been wondering – can I pay someone to write my paper at a favorable fee? Well, the answer is yes. You can hire an expert to do a paper for you. The cost is affordable. They are also accessible any time you need them. Therefore, if you feel the time you have is too limited to complete your paper, grab this opportunity. 

  • Create An Efficient Writing Environment

The environment in which you write your paper will determine the time you take to complete it. An atmosphere full of destruction will lag you. Always ensure you do away with phone notifications, televisions, and other devices. Keep the room quiet and focus on the content of your paper. You should set one hour of productive time than the whole day but end up doing nothing tangible. 

  • Write The Paper

Since you have already researched and created an outline, this section must easy. While at it, follow all the guidelines. Additionally, pay attention not to make numerous errors since you have less time to edit. Create an intriguing introduction. Make the body quality with the arguments you researched. Then finally finish with a fascinating conclusion. 

  • Focus On Quality

Some students think writing long essays counts in the grades. If your essay is of quantity and quality, you are okay. However, lengthy essays rarely turn out well. They fill your paper with unnecessary details, making it tiresome to read. For example, if your supervisor requires a 5-7 page paper, you would rather have an excellently written 5-page piece than a 7-page with redundant information. 


College paper has a completion timeline, and you have to adhere to them. Since all the subjects compete for your attention, sometimes you may have limited time to finish lengthy essays. However, the above points guide you on how to complete these papers in a limited timeframe.