How often do you think about your grades in college? How often do you think about performing college writing assignment better than the previous one when you didn’t get A+? Student, what is stopping you? Is it a fear of unknown or lack of help from tutors? My name is Victoria, I`m a 22 years old student from Delaware, Ohio and I am closely familiar with your problem. During my freshmen year I hadn’t been even close to be the best in my class. My grades were dropping no matter how hard I tried and how carefully I was listening to my professors. When I almost dropped out during the first exam session I said to myself “Enough Harper! You`re smart and skilled – rock it!” and I started spending days-n-nights at the libraries and browsing educational forums from all around the world. By the end of the freshmen year I was number two among the whole university. You can say it`s impossible – but I can prove it is more than possible! And actually that is what I do in my blog. I help students who got into exact same situation like I did, and those, who are willing to get better and better with each day. Stay tuned with me to learn more.