Just Say “No” to Tired Copywriting Advice

Copywriters, are you tired of competing for pennies? Are you sick of defending your fees, or worse yet, your hard-won skills? Do you cringe when a prospect says, “I can get so-and-so to do it for half price”? Are you frustrated with hearing the same industry advice over and over, but still getting nowhere?

Why is it other industries seem to “grow with the flow”, but copywriting ‘gurus’ are still suggesting you mail lumpy direct mail packages to CEOs who couldn’t care less?

Get off the copywriter madness merry-go-round! It’s a new world…shouldn’t your service offerings reflect the hottest markets?

Forget writing web copy, sales letters and those cheapo milled articles. Forget picking the right niche, or worrying about how you stack up against your competition. New Markets, New Money is a brand new, completely different, thoroughly modern course for copywriters. We’ve combined webinars, phone conferencing and written resources aimed at teaching you about a completely new revenue stream which aligns perfectly with the needs of today’s busy, overwhelmed business owners.

New Markets, New Money takes place over 5 weeks, with 10 hours of prescheduled webinars and phone conferencing (both private and group). Written materials are also provided, and can be studied on your own time within certain parameters. Lots of goodies are included!

Space is limited…really…. We’re searching for only 10 qualifying copywriters with specific skills and experience. When the class is filled, it will close.

Our goal is not to ’sell’ the course. Our goal is to ensure you can hit the ground running to make money right away immediately after completing this course. When you look good, we look good. Among other things, we ask that you have at least one year’s experience completing projects for paying clients before applying for course participation.

Your total cost is $389.00, due before the course begins. The application fee is $25, applicable to the course cost when your application is accepted, or refundable if your application is not accepted. Application fees are only payable via paypal.

You will be given ample time to review course details before making payment for the course (via paypal, credit card or business check).

NOTE: This is not about article marketing, writing training, how to write for a living, how to set prices, etc. There is no ’sales’ page for this course. This is it.

Forget every copywriting course you’ve ever heard about…because New Markets, New Money reveals a new, highly profitable opportunity most copywriters have yet to consider. Do what you love, continue to work from home, be there for the kids, and bring out the savvy business owner inside you…offering a copywriting service every business owner, solopreneur and corporation needs immediately!

Our first session begins February 14…just in time for the spring rush of clients…so don’t delay! Please contact me for your application via this blog, or write to me directly at [email protected]

Tips for Effective Post-Holiday Networking

With the frenzy of the holiday season long gone, are clients giving you less work…or more? Does it seem like referrals and leads are drying up in the January freeze? Inevitably, the post-holiday season can slow things down, as clients now turn their attention to pressing issues, like tax season. Actually, this is the perfect time for networking.

Celebrate with New Connections

Did you make new connections in person over the holidays? Those new ‘friends’ can feed you all through the coming year. Choose those with the greatest potential and hit the circuit to follow up and expand your friendship to business.

Tips for Better Networking

  • If meeting in person, dress for success, no matter the basis of your connection.
  • Respect your relationships. Hard sell cold calls belong in 1982. This is an opportunity to meet new people and let them know who you are. Apply the lessons of social networking here – people like to do business with those they trust. Your goal is to make new friends, share a bit about yourself and learn about them. Even if this person is not right for business, he or she knows hundreds of people who may be.
  • Whether online or off, be a good listener. No one likes a conversation hog.
  • Continue to share willingly. Coming down from the holidays is tough for everyone. Continue on with a giving spirit, being available to help, answer questions, offer feedback…and carry goodwill right thru to summer.
  • Make use of ‘downtime’. If things are a bit slow, use the time to think up fun initiatives, recalibrate yearly goals, organize files, or anything that will move your business forward.
  • Be grateful. Show loyal clients they are appreciated all year long. Send a thank you note expressing your appreciation and excitement about working together in the future. Clip a relevant article and include it. Offer clients a discount to jumpstart interest (Call it a pre-Spring loyalty reward!)
  • Be generous…with your time, your opinions, your expertise. Stop focusing on the money and focus instead on value. It may feel like a slow climb, but it truly makes a difference.
  • What are your ideas for stimulating post-holiday activity among your prospects and clients?